Not only does Em take into account the fact that bios should be written by someone else to avoid the fact that some of us just can’t write in third person, but as a writer, she feels underqualified to do anything other than talk about herself.

As seen in publications such as InspirerNarC. MagazineGet in her EarsThe Line of Best Fit, and many more to come, this exceptionally-terrible-at-self-promoting queer artist has big dreams that breech the limits of the earth. Or the music world. By taking the queer female narrative back from numerous male journalists. 

Alongside reporting on music – and by reporting, she does mean “speaking, at large, about the art of music with those who make it and herself” – she’s a budding concert photographer whose pictures can be seen owa ya (that’s geordie for over here.) 

She also works as a freelance copywriter with extensive SEO experience and is for hire.