Over the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with returning clients as well as the one-off jobs. 

Establishing an actual connection with a team or a company has always been where the magic happens and I love seeing what different minds can do when they work together. 

Here you’ll find some of the copywriting and content creation jobs I’ve done under contract. (I’m always on the lookout for more. If you like what I have to offer, check out my services.)

discover geek

I’ve been working with Discover Geek for over a year. The owners were looking for a writer who wouldn’t just be a writer but would be part of the team. Geeks have a way of finding each other and pretty soon, we were working together, using our individual strengths, to create a geek gifts search engine. 

By geeks, for geeks.

The owners took me under their wings to teach me the ins and the outs of what they knew about SEO and Google. They also taught me about the importance of not only keywords – ranking difficulty, competition – but that quality content that makes sense is far more important than SEO strategies that involve keyword stuffing. 

I love working with Discover Geek. We pulled together something really special in a gap in the market where there was nothing like it. 

the plum guide

In May of 2018, vacation rental company The Plum Guide put out a call for writers to provide content for the blog section of its company website, The Plum Guide Journal

Writers were commissioned to write 3 pieces and then, if the editor was satisfied, were able to stay on to see the project through. The project was quite hefty and required a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time. Using Trello, the project runner set up articles using SEO keywords and titles that would increase traffic to the website and, therefore, increase the company’s reach.

Because of my previous SEO experience, I made sure to include on-site links to relevant articles on The Plum Guide Journal without sacrificing the quality of the writing. 

Et voila!

SEO done right! 

After the project had been completed, I took on a brief role as assistant editor to help them make sure that the copy was done on time and without too many errors. Because of both this and the quality of my writing, my name is being kept on the books should more copywriting opportunities appear. 

702 home service

702 Home Service is a home service/handyman provider based in Las Vegas. For this contract, I’m required to write 1-2 blog posts a week on targeted, researched topics about subjects that home investors, landlords, tenants, and other handymen or home service businesses. The short term goal is to drive local traffic to the blog and the long term, to gain local returning clients for the business.

I’m also in the process of adding SEO to some of the previous posts as I now have admin permissions for the WordPress blog and have discussed several possible marketing tactics with the business owner.

otzi shirts

Due to the success of the copy on Discover Geek, the founders asked me if I would like to contribute similar list-based articles to their other company website, a t-shirt business, oTZI Shirts.

My job here was to write targeted lists for the different types of t-shirt featured on the site. Working together with the owners for SEO purposes, we covered plenty of topics.