B2B projects.

 Hard Luck Creative

Hard Luck Creative is a full-service creative and marketing agency covering everything from B2C branding to B2B copywriting. As one of their freelance copywriters, I’ve worked on projects for   Peerspace  ,   Western CPE  , and marketing entrepreneur,   Ian Schechter  .

⤑ As a keen photographer with experience shooting live shows, a creative, media-savvy agency run by fellow photographers was the perfect fit.

 LV Home Service

LV Home Service is a 5-star home service business based in Henderson, NV. Moshe hired me to write local SEO B2C and B2B blog posts to get word out there by offering advice to interested customers and fellow businesses alike.

⤑ In addition to helpful blog posts, I provided web copy (landing page, about, services) and descriptions for Yelp! and Google My Business.

B2C projects.

 Discover Geek

Discover Geek was the world’s first search engine for geeky products. I worked with CEOs, Rika and Tim, as their sole copywriter. Creating affiliate marketing articles using provided keyword research, I generated a wide profit.

⤑ On top of our marketing success, we were also the highest ranking Google result for various geek-related search terms. 🖖

  Jack and Ferdi  

Jack and Ferdi is the world’s first bleisure (business + leisure) app for on-the-go professionals. On a retainer, I worked under Romain and Caroline to research targeted cities and write final copy for the app.

⤑ Due to my music industry experience, they also hired me to curate a batch of city-specific playlists.

 The Plum Guide  

In luxury rentals, before there was Airbnb Plus, there was The Plum Guide. As a freelance copywriter, I worked on   The Plum Guide Journal   as the company expanded into the global market. I also worked with the project manager, CJ, on copy editing final pieces.

⤑ Using my Francophilic knowledge of Paris, I wrote some of their first local neighbourhood guides, including  Montmartre ,  Oberkampf , and  La Villette .


Shift is an innovative desktop app that makes juggling programs super easy. As a ghostwriter via a copy agency, I was directly hired to write blog posts and articles. The articles had to be in the Shift voice and as accessible as the app makes technology.

⤑ Writing for Shift, I learned a lot about project management apps I hadn’t yet used such as Asana and Airtable—and how to effectively use emojis in marketing. 👊